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Case: Projective


FINN was asked to identify all Projective’s marketing and communication needs, to develop a strategy and implement the planning and development of the entire communication mix, including media relations.
Because Projective is still a very young company (established in 2006) it was particularly important to start out with a properly balanced collection of convincing facts & values on to which all the marketing strategies, implemented nationally and abroad (NL, UK), could be grafted. To this aim FINN carried out detailed qualitative research. More specifically we tried to identify which facts and values Projective represented and how they could respond to the expectations of (potential) employees, clients and prospects.
The study was based on in-depth interviews lasting between one and two hours; the method used was that described by Gerald Zaltman (Harvard, 1996) as the Metaphor Elicitation Technique (MET).
At the same time FINN developed a media strategy to position the Projective brand and Projective’s partners in the market as opinion leaders in the banking and finance sectors.


Within six months a number of substantial changes were made at Projective in communication and PR, leading to results such as:

1. Stakeholder communication

Projective’s communication strategy was adapted on the basis of the identified facts and values. Communication to all stakeholders (clients, prospects, recruits & internal) was adapted according to the stakeholders’ identified requirements and expectations.

2. Media & opinion leadership

Projective’s partners (including Stefan Dierckx and Filip Bosschaert) featured extensively as experts in diverse articles such as the one in the business daily De Tijd about 'insourcing' (11/02/2010), on compliance in the banking sector (21/05/2010) and on the pensions databank (25/02/2011), etc.
The Projective brand was reinforced by a two-page article in Trends (07/10/2010) about the opening of the UK Office. As a result of the article the client reported receiving an exceptional number of reactions from (potential) clients as well as potential employees.
Projective also featured extensively in the French-language press such as the page spread in La Libre Belgique in May 2011 (PDF).
In terms of recruitment FINN succeeded in obtaining press coverage for Projective on a number of occasions in HR-related publications such as Vacature (02/04/2011) and Jobat (19/03/2011).
Various articles also featured in the Dutch press (including in the Financieel Dagblad and Banking Review). A press campaign focusing on the UK press took place in Q2 2011.

3. Social media & online marketing

FINN developed an extremely innovative online marketing approach for Projective whereby all Projective’s consultants were encouraged to participate in online marketing efforts via such platforms as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Projective’s corporate blog. Projective’s partners reported a very high degree of participation and enthusiasm for the project.


Projective partner Stefan Dierckx Stefan Dierckx, partner:
 "I was very pleased when, following an in-depth analysis, FINN revealed how Projective is perceived by the outside world. FINN’s marketing efforts also rubbed off on the team: there has been obvious enthusiasm for marketing projects these last few months.
 Working with FINN is also reassuring for Projective’s partners: the FINN team knows instinctively what has to be done. We can entrust our marketing and PR to FINN while we focus all our attention on our clients. As a growing business this is extremely important."