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Not many agencies in the Belgian market that have a thorough knowledge of fintech and SaaS. FINN does.

Looking back, our best decision at the time was not to start with a new website and a refreshment of the brand. That was our plan at the time, but FINN said, ‘Let’s first focus on traffic to the site and to blogs - and only then tackle the visual identity and the website.’ That required patience. Producing content takes a while, and then the traffic still needs to pick up. There are times when you think: we need to change the approach. But in the end we stuck with the strategy, and it paid off.

It has really become much easier to find customers in the last two years. Back then we were getting about two new customers a month. Today there are ten times (10x) as many: twenty per month. But our influx of candidates for job openings has also increased enormously - which has also significantly reduced our cost of recruitment. We have grown as a company, and people also tell us: you are very present, in a professional way. For me, that has been the most important lesson of the last few years: marketing and communication are connected to everything.

An agency represents a cost, so I had originally thought: one day we can do it all ourselves (laughs). Today I realize that FINN is not an ordinary supplier for us, but an important strategic partner. Everyone knows the principles of marketing, but FINN always manages to bring our questions back to a strategic basis and help implement them in a way that works.

Peter Janssens
Founder & CEO iController

"What differentiates FINN is that they make me think. When FINN tells me something about the context in which we're working or the trends and ideas dominating the world on any given day - I listen. Such insights are rare, not to mention valuable."

Ronnie Leten
Former Global President & CEO Atlas Copco

"We are super satisfied with the media training that FINN offered us. The team intelligently highlighted the areas for improvement, which gave us confidence for our contacts with media. FINN has managed to remove our last remaining doubts in media contacts. A surprising, spirited and effective training."

Aurore Moens
Communication & PR Manager AG Real Estate

"We appreciated the obvious experience and expertise of the FINN team, your willingness to share your honest opinion and your help to keep the bigger picture in mind. Looking back, your strategic and tactical recommendations proved right on. We are a tech company with a specific culture, but your experience with other industries and clients provided insights that helped us bring our internal and external communication to a higher level.

During execution, your customer-centricity spoke for itself - always available, quick to respond, flexible and helpful when we faced intense time pressure. We particularly enjoyed your excellent proactivity on to do's and actions, and the attention to detail you brought to the work."

Pieterjan Bouten
Co-founder & CEO Showpad

"FINN has contributed to our growth by establishing a well-founded marketing strategy. In addition, they have created a steady stream of media attention for our office over the years".  

Jan Hofkens
Managing Partner Lydian

FINN provided a well-structured media training to a diverse and international group of people, offering a wealth of practical insights for dealing with media. The content was tailored to our organization, and gave us plenty of opportunity to get hands-on and learn from each other. It was a fun and inspiring session that we make use of frequently in our day-to-day work.

Lennart Verstappen
Corporate Communication Advisor Port of Antwerp

"We were looking for a partner who could demonstrate our expertise and leadership in recruitment and selection. FINN fully understood our vision, values and mission and has built a communication strategy that is adapted and linked to our objectives. We are happy with this collaboration! What we value most about FINN is their flexibility, their quick response time, and the transparency, expertise and knowledge of the media landscape, both on the French and Dutch speaking sides."

Thibaud Adès
Managing Director Belgium, Luxemburg and Sweden PageGroup

For the launch of our app in Belgium, we searched for a communication agency in Brussels that could express our ideas and messages in a way that matched our vision and was sensitive to our stakeholders. We ended up choosing FINN because they were recommended to me personally, and I am happy to say that they proved themselves beyond measure. FINN’s professional way of working and personal attention led to an enjoyable cooperation and a huge success of the Polly launch in Brussels, with numerous press clippings and more than 3000 downloads of our app in less than 24 hours after the launch. I would recommend FINN to anyone looking for a communication agency in Brussels, and will continue to work with them myself.

Zohar Bali
CEO Polly Parking

"I knew of FINN's impressive success rate through their work in the Belgian startup and scale-up scene. When the time came to find communication support for my book, FINN was the obvious choice. I was not disappointed. I was able to publish my content as a contributor on international tech and entrepreneurship blogs like Venture Beat and SaaScribe. I would recommend FINN as a great choice for scale-ups looking to take their thought leadership and communication to the next level. They are strategically sound, tactically smart and have deep expertise in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship."

Omar Mohout
Growth Engineer & Scale-Up Guru Sirris