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"In our first meeting, FINN talked about targeting international blogs like TechCrunch and VentureBeat. I remember going out of the meeting thinking: "if FINN delivers half of what they promise, it will be a success."

Two years later, I look back and see that the FINN team delivered results beyond what they promised. We were the first Belgian startup to get featured on TechCrunch and VentureBeat with our seed round. Post-launch, a steady stream of op-eds and campaigns resulted in strong awareness of Sortlist in our target demographic. As a founder, I learned a lot working with the FINN team - they're top professionals, and we look forward to replicating this success in the other markets that we are expanding to today."

Nicolas Finet
Founder Sortlist

“With FINN we established a strategic communication plan to support our employer brand. The campaign activities demonstrate that our project was a real success. We are looking forward to continued impressive results for our employer branding with FINN using earned media as well as owned and social media.”

Kristian Vandenhoudt
Vice President Human Resources, Compressor Technique Service Division Atlas Copco

What we appreciated about FINN is their pragmatic approach. Not too much talking, they just roll up their sleeves and get on with it. Kristien Vermoesen's team understood very well how we complement each other, what our company culture is. They perfectly translated this to the press using the right media and talking to the right journalists with the right story at the right time.

Christophe Degrez
CEO Eneco

We started with a blank page creating a completely new job site. With the immersion of FINN in our specific company culture and their experience with similar projects, we pretty quickly achieved a fine result. It was a really nice way to collaborate.

Julie De Nul
HR Jan De Nul Group

We didn't possess the know-how ourselves to manage social media so we chose FINN to support us. What was so great about working with them is that they perfectly bridged the connection between our strategic needs and the pragmatic implementation that we at GO! expect from our social media program.

Ann Van Driessche
Communication Gemeenschapsonderwijs GO!

As a movie theater chain, it is crucial to be aware of new trends and fashions, and to incorporate them in our communication. In our collaboration with FINN we notice how the team of Kristien Vermoesen understands this perfectly: they are plugged in to the zeitgeist and proactively suggest PR-actions that go straight to the mark. The approach of FINN is pragmatic and always straightforward.

Tanja Piessens
Marketing manager Utopolis Belgium

‘During the work FINN did for Electrabel, I got to know them as a team of professionals who always stick to deadlines, agreements and briefings. They do their work with a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm.’

Maartje Berben
Marketing manager Electrabel