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To paraphrase economist Paul Krugman: not everything is digital marketing, but in the long run almost everything will become digital marketing.

Most people spend a lot of time on screens and screens, so we have to make sure that our messages reach them there.

Via websites, via paid campaigns on social media, via stories, and if needed with snaps and tiktoks and banners and search ads and so on.

As in other communication disciplines, we are convinced that marketing will be more effective if it is based on a strong strategy - and if it can be recognized consistently across all channels.

At a time when brands want to be everything and everywhere for everyone, positioning is staging a comeback: make clear what you stand for, what you don't stand for, and make sure everyone knows it.

That, and brand voice. Brands that can trigger the same emotions and associations through all their communications are half way to victory. The other half will then merely require bucketloads of blood, sweat, tears, creative juices, analytical skills and coffee.

Fortunately, we are all stocked up on those.

Our digital marketing services

  • Web development
  • Strategic planning: audiences, channels, budgets, targeting
  • Creative process: copy, visuals, animation
  • Video marketing
  • Tracking & analytics
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Reporting & dashboarding