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Influencer marketing as a concept first appeared in the context of B2B marketing, long before Instagram was launched (in 2007, to be precise).

The insight was as simple as it was ingenious: buyers like to be advised by experts when making important decisions - from expensive consultants to a cousin who "knows something about computers". So make sure those experts know that you exist and what you stand for. That way, they can offer credible advice to the near-buyer.

Today, this kind of influencer marketing can still be hugely successful in a wide range of industries, which is why we will often include influencer marketing in integrated communication plans.

And next to that, a wonderful cottage industry emerged of micro-, macro- and somewhere in-between influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube channels. They are mostly wholesome young men and women who like to share their experiences that they gain while travelling, in the kitchen, in front of the beauty mirror or with their little ones. Very often, they are open to relationships and collaborations with your brand.  

We don't know them all (as we speak, a dozen of them started), but we do know many of them in Belgium, the Netherlands and abroad. Especially large consumer customers in FMCG and consumer tech put a lot of effort in collaborating with them, and we are happy to help our customers find the right ambassadors and fans.

Influencer marketing services

  • Influencer mapping
  • Brand ambassadors and paid collaborations: establishing lasting relationships with brands
  • Sampling: sending out products and sample packs
  • Influencer events: creative and productional 
  • Word-of-mouth campaigns: creative and productive
  • Influencer trips
  • Influencer management and relations