In the rapidly changing communication landscape, FINN has always been an early adopter. Our drive to innovate with clients is only matched by our obsession for execution.

As our team grew, we added video journalists, digital experts, journalists, public affairs consultants and corporate communication experts. We thought it was time to update our story to fit our – and our industry’s – new reality. 

Which raised the question: how can we state what we do as simply and clearly as possible? What is the common theme, the storyline that brings all our activities together? 

Communication, clearly. We’re passioned about sparking dialogue between people and brands, groups and individuals, interests and structures – and fascinated to see how that dialogue creates change. 

Communication starts with an acute strategic understanding of business needs and desired outcomes, which we translate into compelling storylines and omnichannel tactics. 

Strategic in the sense of Richard Rumelt’s excellent book on strategy. Strategy means focus – to make clear choices, and to execute them flawlessly. “Good strategy is unexpected,” says Rumelt, because we almost take it for granted that companies can’t or won’t focus. FINN helps clients make choices. 

Integrated, because the only way to break through the fog today is to understand how to communicate with your audiences – on any and all channels. In images, video, copy, on social media, paid media and mass media (“earned”). FINN executes communication programmes to make results visible and measurable. 

FINN has always been a one stop shop for ambitious brands that are looking for growth – a place for integrated, strategic communication.

That’s quite a mouthful, but it’s okay to call us, which incidentally is also our new home on the internet. We love the word ‘agency’ because it expresses what we want to be: a partner who thinks with you, but who is biased for action and results. 

Like our friend and client Omar Mohout (Professor Entrepreneurship Solvay Business School en Antwerp Management School) put it once: “FINN is strategically strong and tactically smart.”

“So what exactly do you do?” Our services in a bullet list:

  • Research, strategy and positioning
  • Public affairs
  • Corporate communication
  • Thought leadership and content marketing (or inbound marketing if you prefer)
  • PR, media relations, influencer marketing
  • Digital marketing: video marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEA

Read more about our vision on communication.  

Any project in mind?