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Our goal is to master the craft of strategic communication in all its dimensions.

"Our motto: patient growth."



Careers at FINN

With a dream team of some 20 consultants, we create impact, every day. Our motto is "patient growth". 

Together, we try to push the limits of our profession and ourselves. Our drive: to deliver excellence to our clients through awesome teamwork, continuous improvement and innovation.

FINN is an entrepreneurial company, and it shows in our client portfolio: we are proud to enjoy the trust of the most beautiful and interesting brands in the (Belgian and international) market. A keen interest in business affairs and strategy are a must if you want to thrive at FINN.

We're always looking for exceptional teamplayers: account managers, public affairs consultants, growth hackers, marketers, communication professionals and journalists. Do you want to know more about building a career in strategic communication? Reach out to Kristien by phone on +32 472 924 797 or send us an e-mail at, we look forward to meeting you! 

Values and culture

Our focus is clear: we want to offer the highest quality to clients. We strive for excellence in all that we do, from strategy to planning, implementation and reporting. 

We embrace a culture of continuous improvement - whether it's in our operations, our teamwork, our knowledge, models, processes, tools or our network of partners.

We set high standards for ourselves - but we are confident that together, we can attain them.