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FINN has been providing media training for CEOs and managers, politicians and spokespeople throughout Europe for more than ten years.

Thanks to targeted, tailor-made media training with a camera, we ensure that our clients leave well prepared for an interview.

What do you learn in a media training?

Initially, you learn how to deliver a strategic message in a way that is interesting for the media.

In a media training we teach you in half a day

  • what types of journalists and interviewers exist, and how they look at your story
  • concrete tips & tricks that help you to keep your peace during (even difficult) interview
  • how to prepare your strategic messages
  • how to deliver those messages in a way that's relevant to the media
  • how to answer difficult questions (and sometimes: how not to answer)

Because all interviews are done with a camera, you also get used to television interviews during the media training. 

CEOs, spokespeople and politicians should all consider media training.

We do not interview you once, but three or four times, in different interview styles (from friendly to more aggressive) and we refine your answers and reactions to difficult themes.

Of course, you will also receive the recordings of your interview afterwards, so that you can read them again in peace afterwards.

Who should follow media training?

A dialogue with the outside world can help stakeholders to better understand the vision and mission of your organisation - and thus a better reputation. But it can also damage the reputation.

Media training is indispensable for anyone who, on behalf of a company or organisation, comes into contact with media or other stakeholders who can make your statements public, such as activists, trade unions, members or shareholders.

CEOs, spokespersons and holders of public functions such as politicians should therefore be media trained.

What is the benefit of media training?

Media performances are a bit weird, in the sense that you do speak - but not for yourself. You speak on behalf of your organisation.

Of course, you don't want you or your organisation to suffer any reputational damage as a result of your actions.

In a media training you learn how to act as a credible spokesperson for your organisation - recognisable and human, but still professional and in line with the vision and values of your organisation.

Who gives the media training at FINN?

Media training at FINN is given by one of the managing partners (both former journalists for national and international media) or by a senior consultant, in some cases assisted by one of our multimedia brand journalists to operate the camera.

Our media training courses are prepared by employees who are already familiar with your company or sector and with the stakeholders you will be dealing with. In this way we guarantee a relevant and safe learning environment in absolute confidentiality.

The programme: what does a media training look like?

We provide a custom designed media training of 4 hours, consisting of the following building blocks:

1. Interview

"Cold" interview (unprepared) on camera with questions specifically tailored to the customer's context

2. Feedback & theory

With live feedback from a FINN partner and consultant, we introduce the student to the basics of media interviews. Objective: to master 5 basic techniques

  • Headlining
  • Flagging
  • Answer & stop
  • Bridging
  • Blocking

During the training the student also gets to see good and bad examples of spokespersons who preceded him/her, and who underline the importance of these media interview techniques.

Interview preparation

We teach the student how to prepare for a media interview.

  • Interview 2 + feedback
  • Interview 3 + feedback
  • After the training, each student receives the slides of the media training and his or her personal video clips for review.

Want to know more?

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