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We help our clients bring strategic focus to their communication, across all channels.

"Always one step ahead"

Corporate communication

CEOs consider themselves the stewards of the reputation of the organization. They rely on the corporate communication department to assist them as a truly strategic partner. FINN helps communication professionals to fully assume that role within their organization.

Public affairs

The emergence of disruptive technologies and business models puts pressure not only on established companies, but also on existing regulations and legislation. Proactive public affairs is the new normal for organizations.

Crisis communication

FINN offers crisis communication based on decades of experience on the side of media and on the customer side. Building on this unique expertise, we continue to research and innovate in the field of crisis communication.

Thought leadership

Thought leadership is a marketing strategy where brands develop and promote new, thought-provoking ideas as a way to build their brand. We help brands find their voice and become thought leaders.

PR & media relations

Awareness is a crucial part of reputation, but research shows that only positive media coverage increases reputation. Through our PR and media relations services, we tackle the strategic and tactical challenges of getting your brand or organization in the media with the right messages.

Content marketing

Content that converts: content marketing is where all our passions converge. Creative storytelling, strategic planning and just: winning.

Digital marketing

To paraphrase economist Paul Krugman: not everything is digital marketing, but in the long run almost everything will become digital marketing.

Influencer marketing

The principle of influencer marketing goes way beyond Instagram influencers. It can be used successfully in almost any industry.


Media appearances can build your reputation, but they can also damage it. With a solid media training, you are well prepared for any questions from media.

What we offer



Strategic insight: we find the questions and insights that allow organizations to make purposeful choices. We transform these choices into strategies and vision and mission statements that offer a sense of direction to the organization.

Excellent execution: building on best practices and innovation, we develop meticulous planning and precise implementation of communication strategies and plans. We help organizations maintain one voice throughout channels and platforms and towards all stakeholders.

Measurable results: we help organizations track their progress towards their goals.

That is how we become a catalyst for your brand. 

We want to achieve excellence in our work through continuous investment in a results oriented culture, in knowledge, processes, best practices and training. We are always looking to improve our collaboration with and communication towards clients.