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Content marketing is where all our passions converge.

The process of discovering what drives our prospects and what their customer journey should look like. Geeking out on analytics and conversion ratios. Hunting for new technologies. Laboring away at surprising, tasty stories that build the brand and, above all, whet the appetite for more content.

Then, there's the meticulous planning: when and how to promote all that content on all kinds of channels and convert it into sales. (See also: digital marketing)

FINN was one of the pioneers in the Belgian market in the field of content marketing and inbound marketing. We know exactly what content marketing can (and cannot) do.

From content strategy to drip marketing, via webinars, conversion optimization, SEO, analytics, lead magnets and content upgrades: we help build your funnel, and then fill it with content (and leads).

Then begins a work of constant monitoring and agile adjustment of the content creation and promotion strategy.

We approach content marketing from a journalistic perspective. Strong stories gain strength when they fit into the Zeitgeist. For us, a content marketing campaign is a complete success if we can add a layer of PR on top to create a nice crackling buzz for your brand.

Our content marketing services

  • Content marketing strategy: topics, audiences, KPIs
  • Content planning: audiences, channels, frequency, SEO research
  • Content creation: ideation, SEO optimized copywriting
  • Content promotion: lead generation campaigns on (paid) social media
  • Social media marketing, SEA¬†
  • E-mail marketing and direct marketing
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers, lead magnets, content upgrades
  • Analytics & Reporting¬†