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Thought leadership is a marketing strategy where brands develop and promote new, thought-provoking ideas as a way to build their brand.

Both B2C and B2B brands can pursue thought leadership. Some examples include Nike, Tesla and BCG, as we explain in our longread on thought leadership.

An essential ingredient of thought leadership is that brands need to take a stand or develop a recognizable point of view. Merely stating expertise on a subject is not enough: thought leaders want to change how people think and act.

By developing these new, original ideas, brands become catalysts and magnets for conversations. That's why thought leadership almost always relies on a consistent, integrated communication approach, using all channels and all communication tactics to get the ideas across.

By developing a point of view, of course brands need to think about risk. Balancing reputation and brand safety versus interestingness is a key challenge for marketers who develop thought leadership campaigns.

Our offering

FINN has 15 years of experience building thought leadership brands through integrated communication, for both B2B and B2C brands.

We help brands as they progress through the 4-step process of thought leadership, while observing brand safety and buy-in from key stakeholders in the organization throughout.

thought leadership how to

  • We coach brands as they find connections between their purpose and big, salient societal or marketplace issues.
  • We help brands develop new, thought-provoking positions within the boundaries of brand safety.
  • We support brands in the storytelling and in the communication of their point(s) of view through impactful, integrated ("360") campaigns. This includes coaching and training of experts and executives in the organization to become spokespersons and ambassadors for the brand's thought leadership.
  • We monitor the impact that the brand's thought leadership generates. In a close partnership with the brand, we build capabilities and confidence to become an agent of change within the brand's industry, or even society.

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