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What's true for traffic jams is also true for content marketing: your content is not a victim of a content glut, it might be the content glut. As your company grows, it needs to improve its content marketing, both in quality and volume.

As content marketing programmes grow bigger, the stakes increase for seemingly simple questions and decisions:

  • How do we stand out with high-quality content that never disappoints?
  • Do we write for people or for SEO bots?
  • How do we maintain a recognizable voice across dozens of content pieces, channels and markets?
  • How to integrate content into other existing marketing efforts like organic and paid social media, SEA?
  • Which media and channels to choose: written, video, long-form or short-form, or podcast?
  • Content distribution and promotion: will we do TikTok?
  • Gated or ungated content?
  • How do we keep track of all the customer journeys?
  • How do we measure content marketing's impact on sales?

Who we work for

Our content marketing clients are typically companies with complex and innovative products or services, like technology and digital, energy and renewables, finance, SaaS, industry, legal profession and consulting. Some of our clients are corporations, but we also serve SMEs and even startups and scale-ups to set up their first content marketing funnels.

What clients can expect from our content marketing services?

First of all, we will help you define a strategic content marketing approach that fits into your existing marketing strategy and channels. We set up customer journeys and automation (like Hubspot), and research relevant SEO keywords. Of course, we develop a plan for all the content - blogs, video content, whitepapers, minisites, webinars and e-books, socials. We report on relevant ROI metrics: CAC, CLV, and time to payback.

But the secret of content marketing is simply the quality of the content.

Creative storytelling infused with more purpose, more surprising thought leadership, a deeper intuition of what data is trying to tell us, and a sharper sense of timing in the choice and delivery of topics, visuals and video that grab the attention.

Good content marketing has "grip", which is the idea that you speak up not because you have to say something, but because you have something to say. 

Content that passes this crucial test, is content that will convert and sell.

How do we work with content marketing clients?

Whatever the size of your content marketing, we bring a team, because we believe content marketing is teamwork. In that sense content marketing is not different from the greatest television series.

At the heart of our content marketing services, you'll find a handpicked team of native copywriters with strong technical backgrounds - from jurists to chemical engineers. From consumer-friendly blogs about renewable energy to whitepapers about 3D printing or cybersecurity for an audience of engineers, our copywriters will deliver stories that convert into leads.

They are surrounded by a strategist and planner, videographers and podcast makers, editors to keep the tone of voice consistent, proofreaders to catch typos and a project manager to keep track of deadlines and reporting.

Finally, we use tools like Grammarly to check content for readability, engagement and delivery. Through a strong process and team spirit, we can deliver consistently high quality at a competitive price.

Speak up not because you have to say something, but because you have something to say

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