PR & media relations

PR is indispensable for corporations, large privately held companies and SMEs, NGOs and public sector organizations with a strong operational presence in the target markets. We also serve startups and scale-ups who raised funds and who need to rapidly build brand awareness.

How we work with PR clients

Most of our PR work is done as an outsourced PR department because it's not easy to run a fully functional PR department in-house. Some clients struggle to define a story that resonates with the outside world. Or they don't know exactly when and how to jump into the media conversation - the key to successful newsjacking. Or lack access to and contacts in the relevant media. Then, there's the challenge of the PR operations, tracking results, reporting them to management or the board and embedding the PR efforts in the overall brand-building efforts.

We take care of everything: from storytelling to project management to reporting.

Occasionally, we support clients with one-off announcements, like product launches or milestones like mergers and acquisitions or IPOs.

What we deliver to PR clients

What we deliver is media coverage - more media coverage than you deserve based on your market share. We believe in "excess share of voice": punching above your weight in media (and on other channels) will result in brand growth.

What you can expect from us

First, we assemble a team of seasoned journalists, PR professionals and project managers. They make sure that we understand your business context and your briefing. We set realistic but ambitious KPIs for our work together. Then, we go to bat for you.

Using a tried-and-tested story model and our close relationships with journalists, we find the best angles and opportunities to bring your news to relevant media. We keep doing that, day in, day out.

Trust us, we bring data

As believers in data and accountability, we deliver deep, granular reporting to our clients. We commonly track:

  • the number and type of PR campaigns we execute for you (output)
  • the results we achieve in terms of media coverage and relevant reach - including your share of voice compared to your main competitors (outcomes)
  • the effects we measure on brand, sales, recruitment or other strategic goals you defined (impact)

"We deliver you more media coverage than you deserve (*)"

PR research & strategy

PR research & strategy

Media audit / Share of Voice, reach / Competitive analysis & benchmarking / Journalist mapping and profiles / PR strategy

PR campaigns

PR campaigns

Data-driven PR / Thought leadership PR / Newsjacking / Brand and product launches / Press conferences / Press releases / Press kits

Data & analytics

Data & analytics

PR reporting & KPIs / Share of Voice /

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