Performance marketing (and digital marketing in general) is going through fundamental changes.

  • The early mover advantage of having a better tool stack: gone because literally everybody is using them
  • The ability to track (“stalk”) individual buyers online: gone because of the new era of online privacy

This has profound implications on your strategy, channel mix, but also on how you measure and report on marketing ROI to C-level.

So what comes next? In this webinar, Ruben Ceuppens, associate director at FINN and Raf Weverbergh, managing partner, discuss the road ahead for performance and digital marketing. We will discuss:

  • The impact of privacy on performance marketing
  • How to know when your digital and performance marketing are hitting a ceiling
  • What digital marketing will (need to) look like to be successful
  • How marketers can learn how to measure and report their success in this new era

Slides of the webinar

Webinar recording: “Beyond Performance”

And here is the recording for you:

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