The FINN communication training offered me a set of very smart tools to define an efficient messaging strategy and monitor our PR performance.
FINN helped us with a compelling brand story and provided excellent support at CES. That coverage in major tech media resulted in leads from global industry players.
“FINN is not just a partner and a sounding board, but also a source of inspiration"
"I got to know FINN as a team of professionals who always stick to deadlines, agreements and briefings."
"What we appreciated about FINN is their pragmatic approach. Not too much talking, they just roll up their sleeves and get on with it."
"The team of Kristien Vermoesen understands us perfectly: they are plugged in to the zeitgeist and proactively suggest PR-actions that go straight to the mark."
"A successful strategy to support our employer brand."
"FINN perfectly bridged the connection between our strategic needs and the pragmatic implementation of our social media programme."
"We started with a blank page creating a completely new job site. With the immersion of FINN in our specific company culture, we pretty quickly achieved a fine result."
"FINN delivered beyond what they promised. We were the first Belgian startup to get featured on TechCrunch with a seed round."
"Strategically sound and tactically smart: when I needed communication support, FINN was the obvious choice."
"Your strategic and tactical recommendations proved right on. Your customer-centricity spoke for itself."
"FINN proved themselves beyond measure: more than 3000 downloads of our app in less than 24 hours after the launch in Belgium."